The story behind it

“So, we did find endometriosis but we’ve hopefully burnt it all off now.” I had literally just woken up from my anaesthesia. I was drugged, confused and sore and that’s how I found out I had endo. Yep. Fair to say I was a mess. I had no idea what to do.

I remember everyone telling me how sorry they were and asking whether I was going to freeze my eggs. I was 20! Are you supposed to freeze your eggs? Is that a good thing to do? When I eventually opened up about having endo, I discovered it was more common than I thought, that actually so many women have problems with their uterus and ovaries. Being a girl can be a tough gig.

If you look closely, you will see that I was attacked by mosquitoes. Not relevant to this blog post at all but worthy of a mention.

When I was diagnosed with endo, I felt like I was a disappointment to myself and my husband. I thought I was a failure of a female. I couldn’t have a period without thinking I was basically dying. I would get angry at myself for not being able to function for days; then nearly overdose on panadol and get more angry about the panadol doing nothing. What can I say, It was a fun cycle.

I eventually joined a bunch of online support groups and started talking about it more openly. However, I just felt like it was a big competition about who had it worse and whose life was harder. Yes, there are days that I cry a lot and the future terrifies me but, I am still alive! I am not dying. I just found that instead of support, I felt like hiding under my doona and eating Peanut butter and pretzel ice cream. It’s a real flavour, I know. It’s amazing. Well, was amazing, then Connoisseur stopped making them. I legit get sad thinking about it. Anyway.I talk about this too much.

I created this blog to basically chat with other women having issues with their ovaries or uterus, or whatever else their reproductive systems throw at them. No one should feel alone, or lost and especially not guilty.

Me eating some sort of donut.

So, welcome to Oh Novaries! I’m super keen to meet you! I can guarantee, there will be too much info, poo chats, times of sadness and times of celebration but we will do it together!

Jump to my Contact Me page, or insta-grizzle or Facebook for different options to chat.  There are multiple ways because I love talking. If you want to share your story, let me know and we can arrange a date.

*Insta-grizzle is obviously Instagram.

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