Why March

As you lie in bed, I am sure you are filled with deep thoughts: the latest political drama, how to save money for that holiday you are dying to go on, the Christmas belly which hasn’t disappeared and whether you should finally be organized and create a meal plan. Side note: meal planning is harder than it looks. I have tried. Many times. BUT most importantly, I am sure you are thinking about why I decided to start Oh Novaries (this blog), now, in March. It is a big question, I get it. Well, stop your fretting, I am here to set you at ease.

March is endometriosis awareness month. I didn’t just make this up. This is huge. Endometriosis Australia hosts High Teas all over Australia and so do so many other organizations. Endo March is worldwide and is a campaign to help raise awareness for endometriosis…obviously. It is also a campaign to raise funds, so we can continue working towards a cure because at this point, we are all just stuck with it. How great would it be if when we went to the hospital/the doctors, instead of just being sent away with painkillers, they were able to actually do something that would get rid of it? Dream come true.

My friend and I will be fundraising this month which we are super excited about! We are aiming for $500 so if you would like and are in a position to, please donate. Even a dollar or two will make a difference.

Click here if you would like to donate

The events held throughout March, also aim to educate people about what endo actually is. So many people haven’t even heard about it and considering 1 in 10 women have it, it should definitely be something we are talking about it. It should also be something young women are informed about and educated on. I would have loved to know about it growing up. It would have been extremely useful to know about what was normal and what wasn’t normal.

This is one of the reasons I actually started studying education. I would love to use my degree to educate young women in reproductive health and all the craziness that is involved. It is so important to know about our bodies and our cycles because they have such an impact on our lives. I think it is so good that finally we are starting to see countries introduce this into schools.

If you want to check out Endometriosis Australia (which I highly recommend), just click here. Definitely worth it. Their website has heaps of information and advice, women sharing their stories and the latest news about Endometriosis.

If you want more information about the fundraiser, Endo March or to simply chat, comment below or jump to one of my social pipes.

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