The symptoms

A question I get asked a lot, is what are the symptoms of Endometriosis. It’s a tricky question because everyone is different, which means there are different symptoms for different cases. However these were my symptoms and they are similar to a lot of women I have spoken to.

Painful periods: Now this sounds like a given, but I’m not talking some cramps here and there, I’m talking, going to pass out from the pain type painful periods. I remember one time I was driving home from church and it felt like my entire body was in agony. I continued trying to drive but I couldn’t handle the pain so I had to pull over. I just stayed on the side of the road, in agony, waiting for the pain to pass. The pain can come before, during and after a period. I also experienced severe pain when I was ovulating. Pretty fun right, the idea it could just pop up anytime?


This was taking a week after my fist surgery. The pain was so ridiculously bad, I ended up back in hospital.

Painful pooping: Personally, before and during a period, every time I poo’d, I would cry or just sit on the toilet and pray for it to be over. I found out after surgery that my Endo was growing onto my bowel and they removed a fair bit from there, so I’d assume this is what caused the painful pooping sessions.

Hot flushes: You thought you’d only get hot flushes when you reached menopause? Well, you thought wrong. I had such bad hot flushes, I thought I would turn into a puddle of sweat and tears. They were so bad. I’m not a naturally sweaty person, so when these hot sweaty attacks started I super freaked out. I would be literally dripping with sweat and have no way to cool myself down. Not my idea of a good time.

Thigh and back pain: Just before I get my period and then during my period, my lower back and thighs just don’t deal. I don’t know how to explain the pain. I can move so I’m not crippled but it’s pretty bad. It’s almost like a deep, deep ache that just hangs around for a few days, then goes.

Painful sex: There’s no nice way to put this. It’s just the worst. Sex hurts and often after sex hurts too. For me, I can’t have sex on my period or just after it because the pain is so bad. There are times when after sex, I’m in so much pain, I just lay in bed and don’t move. Doesn’t that sound romantic…

There are other symptoms out there but these were/are my main ones. They were the ones that led me to believe I had Endometriosis (after I consulted Doctor Google).

Did you have different symptoms to me? What were they?

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