Once A Month Routine

Once a month, I get my period. Welcome to being a girl. Due to my endometriosis, I have a full on routine to make sure I’m prepared for whatever my uterus and ovaries throw at me. Sometimes they are in a good mood and don’t try to stab me from the inside out, however other months, it’s a war down there. Here is my once a month checklist:

  1. Do I have the necessary supplies?

Whether you use pads, tampons or a moon cup, I always make sure I have the right amount of supplies. I also make sure I have strategically placed them in different places so I’ve got access to them whenever and wherever I am. There is nothing worse than being out for lunch and realising you’ve got no more supplies.

2. Do I have my medication?

I make sure I have enough of all the different medications. This includes, pain killers and anti nausea tablets. The two most important ones are my two different pain killers. One is my usual pain killers, and then I have my back up for when my usuals aren’t strong enough. I also double check when I have to start taking them. Every tablet is different so I make sure I’m taking them at the correct times.

3. Undies- I’ve basically given up caring about my underwear when I have my period. I now just have period undies. They are clean! Don’t worry! They are just old and those undies that don’t have elastic anymore.I just can’t be bothered worrying, because chances are I’m going to leak through no matter how hard I try. So, I make sure I’ve got enough cleaned and ready to go period undies.

4. Check my calendar.

I always check to see what my week looks like. What do I have booked, planned and what is flexible? This just prepares me for what I’m going to be doing, whether this is work, study or social. I always try to leave myself a day off at the start of my period because I know it’s the worst then, but it’s tricky because: 1, it doesn’t always come when it’s supposed to, and 2, I can’t just always take work off once a month.

However, I’m extremely lucky and have a very understanding manager. I’ve told her I have Endometriosis and she is super understanding. If you’re comfortable with your work colleagues, let them know you might need to take it easy. It just helps take a bit of pressure off.

5. Warn my hubby

I let my hubby know that my period is coming up. This just gives him a warning that I might need to take it easy and also warns him about my moods. Generally I’m fine, but sometimes I’m a psycho. You just never know.

Extra tip: have sex before your period starts.  I’m super sensitive during and just after my period so we try to have sex just before my period starts.

What do you do to prepare?

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