Travelling with Endo

I used to be so scared of my period. I would hide in my room once a month and just avoid life. Whilst there are times this is necessary, it shouldn’t be my once a month routine.

Earlier this year, My husband and I travelled around Bali for three weeks. It was beautiful! We travelled around a fair bit so we were constantly moving, which was super exciting. However, getting my period in the middle of that, was a bit of a nightmare.

Bali was amazing!

Here are some pointers on how I survived but mainly things I wish I’d done.

Packing your medication isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. We only took carry on (we are a little crazy) so we packed everything in a little suitcase. You just need to make sure all your medication is clearly labelled, plus in its original bottle.I left my birth control pill in its original box and there was no issue. My pain medication though, I panicked and didn’t bring with me. This was a mistake, I repeat, a mistake. For some unknown reason, I thought I wouldn’t be able to take them into Bali, so I just didn’t bring them. Silly me. All you need to do is pack them, original packaging, and get a script from your doctor. This just 100% shows what they are and that they are prescribed to you because your insides are the worst.

Bring hand sanitizer. Again, something I wish I had done. I think this post will just turn into, do everything Eb didn’t do. We can all learn from my mistakes. You’re welcome. Anyway, there were a lot of questionable bathrooms, which often didn’t have soap, or would have some sort of liquid next to the sink which could have been soap, or…who knows. So having hand sanitizer would have been brilliant for when you needed to change your tampon (or whatever you’re using).

The food in Bali was absolutely incredible!

Drink enough water! This sounds like another silly, no brainer, but trust me, it’s worth mentioning. Also, due to the water situation in Bali, you have to buy bottled water. This meant it was super easy for me to run out of water. Make sure you have enough to keep you super hydrated, especially if in a hot and humid place like Bali. My body super struggled when I had my period because I did not drink enough water. We should be having at least 2Ls a day anyway, so with your period, add an extra litre.

The one thing I did do (yay, one success!) was pack enough supplies. I packed both pads and tampons and packed enough to last me the whole period. This was just one less thing I needed to worry about, and helped me feel more prepared. Plus in Bali, tampons were more expensive and the variety of supplies was very limited.

This sounds super simple but often is the one, we push past but just be honest with yourself and whoever you are travelling with. If you need a rest day or even just a 10 minute break, just do it. I was with my hubby, who is super patient but a big go getter, so loved being on the move. As soon as I even mentioned cramps, he would slow down for me which was super helpful. There’s no point wearing yourself down more, just take a breather and be okay with it.

I am just using this blog post as an excuse to post my Bali photos.

These are just super simple tips to help you enjoy your time travelling but also feel prepared. Again, they all sound easy but I think I failed 90% of them. So learn from me!

What are some of your helpful travel tips?

4 Replies to “Travelling with Endo”

  1. Hey Eb, have you heard of cups?
    It might help for future travel if you can use one instead as it might mean you need to change it less 🙂
    I can add you to a fb group for more info if you’re interested.
    I love the Bali photos!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I’ve actually just bought a cup so will test it out on my next period. I’m definitely keen to be added to a Facebook group for more help. Thank you!


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