It’s Time to Get Better

It has been a long time since I posted! I do apologize for that. My goodness, I’ve been a mess. Firstly, I went to Thailand for around 2 weeks with Jords. It was amazing. We spent the first week travelling around and exploring a variety of beautiful places. Then the second week, Jords completed his advanced open water scuba training, which makes me super cool for being married to him. Side note, he also thinks this has upped his coolness. Anyway, whilst this was happening, I had some awesome me time, relaxed by the pool, read and ate food. Unfortunately, I had a bit of homework to do too but that’s the price you pay for going on a trip mid-semester.

Oh man, Thailand was awesome.

Now, I hate flying. Me and flying, do not get along. So I was already dreading, the overnight flight home before I got sick. You can imagine the absolute blast I was having on the plane, with an achy body and a super intense fever. Not my favourite time in the world.

To quickly fill you in on my awful sickness, after freaking out and thinking I had some sort of tropical disease, turns out I have a gut infection and my white blood cell count is at an all-time low. Great that I don’t have a tropical disease, but now we are trying to work out whether the infection came first or the low white blood cells. All fun and games.

This blog is basically just an excuse for me to share more travel photos. Sorry not sorry. If you want to see more photos from our travel adventures, check out our instagram page “twokidsinatin”.

Now, backtrack to when I was enjoying myself by the pool and getting some quality introvert time. I had a great realization that I should be taking better care of myself. I think my body had been telling me that for awhile and I kept trying to push it aside. So I came up with this brilliant plan, to go back on this program called Isagenix (more on this later), exercise more and get more organized to help reduce my stress levels. Then, I got super sick and all that went out the window. All of a sudden, the only way I could look after myself was to stay in bed. Plus, antibiotics.

Due to them not knowing straight away what was wrong with me, I was put on a antibiotic which didn’t do anything and then put onto another set, which finally seems to be working. But I was already on antibiotics for my skin which has been munted for over 2 months. So that is 3 sets of antibiotics in less than a month. I cannot wait to finish all these tablets! Also back to my skin, I have never had bad skin. And you might get annoyed at me for bragging, but I am proud of my skin. I was blessed with clear skin and all of a sudden, I’m covered in some sort of rash. The doctors believe it is acne, but I am sceptical. So fair to say, I am not in my prime.

So, it is time to reclaim my health.  I will hopefully be off the antibiotics within the month and after that, I aim to not put any in my body for a long time. I am slowly trying to get all the pills and tablets out of my system. My poor body has had enough.

We visited an ethical elephant sanctuary and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Also this photo, shows my skin issues if you look closely.

If anyone has any advice about any of this, please don’t hesitate to comment or message. Whether it is about my skin, gut issues or low white blood cells, I would appreciate anything.

Also, any sort of self care, natural remedies would be appreciated too because I have no clue.

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