Family Travelling

I feel like I haven’t written a blog post for so long! For those of you who don’t know, I just got back from a cruise. I have never been on a cruise and had no idea what to expect. Plus, it was a cruise with my family. If you haven’t read my “About Me” page, check it out, but I have quite a large family. I have four brothers and a sister. Before you ask, yes, all from the same parents. Periods are not something we discussed in our household. I no longer live there (married and all), so now, in my own household I talk about periods all the time. Jords just has to smile and listen sometimes. Poor guy. Anyway, Jords and I haven’t done a trip with them since we got married so we were a little nervous to be stuck on a boat with them for 10 days. Don’t get me wrong, excited but nervous. It made it worse that I got my period and classic me, had forgotten my pain killers. Look, constantly remembering to have them on me is hard work okay! I should have taken my own advice, “Travelling with Endo.” I had a bunch of questions about how we went travelling with the fam bam. Questions like, “did you fight,” “did the boys annoy you,” “did you tell them you had your period,” “did they guess you had your period?” So, I figured I would just answer some of the questions here.

Question: Did I tell my family I had my period?

Heck no! To some of you it sounds crazy that I didn’t tell my family I had my period; because you are used to that and it’s completely normal for everyone to know. In my family, periods aren’t discussed with boys. So, no, I did not share that I had my period. My brothers probably would have collapsed and died if I told them. It was nice because my brothers girlfriend came along, so I had someone else to complain to. Plus I am pretty open with my mum and sister. So between, the three girls and Jords, I had plenty of support and it wasn’t necessary for my brothers or dad to know. 

Side note: I find it so fascinating when I talk to women who say they always talked to their brothers about having their periods. This is so different to how I was raised that I can’t even imagine it. 

Question: did my family guess I had my period? 

I’m assuming this question was in regards to my “mood” or attitude on the cruise. Nope. I’m actually not too bad when it comes to moods and all that. I’m on the pill so I think this has leveled me out a fair bit. I still can get pretty flat on the first and second day of my period but generally I’m pretty good at hiding this. The only one who suspected was my mum. She noticed I was a bit flat and quiet. My mum is a very switched on lady. 

In regards to pain levels, I had a super well behaved period. So I didn’t need to hide or deal with the pain much on the cruise, which was amazing. I have been trying out a few new things which I will share with you soon!

Question: did you fight with them? 

Like physically fight? No. All my brothers are over 6’3 and I would be smashed to the ground. Plus my sister has a real crazy side so I wouldn’t mess with her. 

If we are talking about whether we got along the whole time, I’d say we were pretty dang good. I expected there to be points of tension but it was pretty cruisy. Ha. Cruisy. Because we were on a cruise. Yeah, you get it. Anyway, the main tension that occurred was on the dress up nights because not everyone wanted to dress up but it was a big deal to mum. Mum definitely won.

This was on 80s night. Also, this is my family! Just realized I have never shared a photo of them before.

If you’ve got anymore questions, comment below or jump on any of the social pipes and message me.

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