My Top 5 Go-To Comfort Foods

I don’t know about you, but in the lead up to my period and when I have my period, I rely heavily on food for comfort. There are days when I feel dreadful and all I do is binge eat and watch The Office, or there are days I still feel crappy but manage to function. Food often gives me little boosts of support throughout the day. Food is probably my best friend. Below is a list of my 5 go-to comfort foods. Before you continue reading, the comfort foods I crave are not healthy. I repeat, the opposite of healthy. So if you’re a health nut, probs better for you to look away now. Also, the foods tend to make me feel worse in the long run, so I’m trying to reduce the amount I eat…. but baby steps. Dairy 100% causes inflammation and I know that, but it’s just so dang good.

Oh my goodness. I also love Grill’d burgers.
  1. Chocolate

Basically any chocolate will do but my favourite is probably just good old milk chocolate. Oh but I love caramel too. Basically I don’t like dark chocolate. That stuff isn’t even real chocolate. I currently have a bunch of chocolate in my bed side table. It’s awesome. 

2. Nachos 

Seriously, nachos are life. Jords and I make the best nachos. I know everyone says they make the best nachos, but we really do. I wouldn’t lie about such an important topic. Corn chips, salsa, sour cream and a heck of a lot of cheese. You can add pineapple, mince, avocado etc if you want the extras. Anyway, seriously, just delicious.

I also love a banana or mango smoothie. These were some very beautiful smoothies we had in Thailand.

3. A cup of tea 

This isn’t exactly a food but a good cup of tea brings me so much comfort. I basically don’t crave tea/coffee or any type of caffeine until I get my period. This sucks because caffeine can cause inflammation and irritation. So that’s fun. My favourite brand of tea is Tetley. They are delicious plus they have cute little sayings on the tea bag tags. 

4. Cheese

Basically I just crave dairy. Let’s be real. But cheese is definitely a go to food for me. I could just eat it all the time. Seriously, sit me down, in my Pjs, watching New Girl, with a good Cheddar cheese, biscuits and I’m in my happy place. 

5. Pizza 

And my last and final comfort food is pizza. Give me a pizza with pineapple and chicken on it and I’ll love you forever. And yes, pineapple 100% goes on pizza. For all you sickos who think otherwise, no, stop talking. 

I was going to say, hopefully this has helped but it probably hasn’t. All these foods aren’t healthy and make you feel worse in the long run so….. my bad. But take comfort in the fact you aren’t alone with eating poorly on your period. Periods can be rough, so it’s important to take care of yourself. I am not saying my eating habits are fantastic, but it’s important to be kind to yourself. Hopefully this has helped you get to know me a little better as well.

Comment below with your go to comfort foods! 

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