5 Common Myths Surrounding Endometriosis

There are so many myths surrounding endometriosis, but these are the five I hear the most. It is insane how many times I still hear these different myths. I will admit, awareness is getting raised and slowly, endo is becoming more and more talked about. This is awesome and every time someone shares their story, it helps. So thank you to everyone out there who is raising awareness. Now, onto the myths.

  1. Endometriosis equals infertility 

Nope, not true. It shocks me the number of people who say to me, “oh that is so sad you can’t have kids,” when they find out I have endo. Firstly, rude to say that, but also, just because I have endo, does not mean I can’t have children. It means it might be difficult, but who knows? I know so many women who are mums and have endo, so all I can do is pray. Plus, eat well and look after myself, etc. Ew, I know. 

2. Pregnancy cures endometriosis 

Also, not true. This one actually makes me angry. When I was fighting for a diagnosis, so many doctors suggested getting pregnant. I was flipping 17 when I first started my diagnosis journey. How insane?! One doctor once said, “have you thought about children?” Haha, no, are you mental? Anyway, getting pregnant does not cure endometriosis. Often women still experience endometriosis after having a baby. 

3. Severe period pain is normal and simply part of being a women 

Oh, Heck no. I don’t even know what to write here. If period pain is stopping you from functioning, it is not normal. If you are missing days of school or work, this is not okay. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

4. Endometriosis is uncommon 

1 in 10 women have endo. Isn’t that crazy? Yet, often when I tell someone I have endo, they say, “what’s that?” We need to be talking about this! I have noticed that slowly awareness is being raised but it seems to be a long process. Why aren’t young girls getting educated and informed about their cycles? I wish I had known more when I was in school! 

5. She’s too young to get endometriosis 

“It’s unlikely it is endometriosis, you are only 17.” Thanks Doc. Thanks for all the wisdom. I was so angry when I did find out I had endo. I wanted to go back to each doctor, and scream at them, slap them and yell, “ I TOLD YOU SO!” I have heard of girls having endo at 14. If you have intense period pain, do not let people tell you are too young or it is normal. 

Hopefully this has helped give you more information surrounding endometriosis. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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