Clarification Time

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have received so many lovely messages congratulating me on my pregnancy. I have absolutely loved this and have felt so supported throughout my time being pregnant. It is crazy to think I am growing a human inside of me! 

I do feel I need to clarify some facts though. When it became public knowledge that Jordan and I were having a baby, so many people contacted me saying how much of a blessing it must have been and what a huge weight off our shoulders this pregnancy was. Now, this baby is a blessing and I am in no way saying otherwise, but I know most of these comments were due to Endo. 

First, clarification: Endometriosis does not mean you can’t have children. It is different for every single woman. Fertility in general is different for each individual and couple out there. I mentioned this in 5 Common myths surrounding Endometriosis . Obviously, endometriosis has not stopped me from falling pregnant and I am so thankful for this. 

Second clarification: this follows the first clarification, but we had not been trying for ages and ages to get pregnant. To be honest, we weren’t trying. I mentioned this in Clearing The Air. I was overwhelmed with the lovely congratulatory messages I was receiving from people but so many of them went something along these lines: 

“You must have been trying for ages! You must have been praying hard!” 


“What a miracle you are finally able to conceive.” 

The story is: I had come off the pill (for many reasons, but can chat further about that later) and wanted to try to regulate for a while before we tried for kids. Plus, I hadn’t had a non pill period for around 7 years, so I wanted to see how my body went. Risky game to play, I know; will the pain be so bad I end up in hospital every month? Who knows? Turns out, I will have to wait and see because pregnancy equals no period and therefore no period pain. Winning all round. 

Here’s the bump!

Third clarification: I am obviously off the pill, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, but wanted to super confirm this. A few women have been confused because I have mentioned before that I was on the pill, which was true. I came off the pill in July 2019 and am due at the end of this month (April), so you can do the maths. Yes, it all happened really fast, but we can chat further about this another time.

Hopefully this has clarified a few things for you. I’m so grateful for all the messages I received congratulating us on this blessing and the miracle of life growing inside of me. But I was feeling a bit overwhelmed that so many people thought it was a long and hard journey to get to this point, so I really just wanted to clear it all up, and hopefully this has. There are a few things which I am keen to introduce to you too which I think helped my health and the quick pregnancy situation. If any of you remember, I was quite sick mid last year, and I managed to recover quite quickly, so I will share some info surrounding that soon.

Also, it’s insane how fast my due date is approaching. The countdown is really on now! Thank you again for the love and support! 

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